This is the blog where we will document the process of growing a garden at Vancouver’s smallest school, “small school, big heart”, Garibaldi Annex!! (The crowd is cheering in the background you can hear it!)

We want our garden to be a place where all our neighbours can share learning, celebrate and relax together.   There’s such a wealth of earth knowledge in this neighbourhood and amazing private gardens.  The Garibaldi Garden is our shared space, the “commons” for our neighbourhood.  Come and enjoy!

The garden is designed to grow into a ‘food forest’. There are berries and nut trees, medicinal herbs, flowers for beauty and the bees and every year the children plant various annual veggies as part of class projects.

You are most warmly invited to join us in this adventure. Do you have plants you’d like to donate to the garden? A neighbourhood event you’d like to host? Contact the Garibaldi Garden Club to find out more…

You can also subscribe to get email updates on garden news.  Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to add your email address.   You’ll get a confirmation email-if it doesn’t show up check your spam folder-  click on the link in the confirmation email and you’re subscribed.


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  1. jake Says:

    Come on down and check out what it
    happening in our garden!

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