January 2012

Last night the police and the SPCA tried to locate a coyote with a broken leg in the neighbourhood. Just a reminder to never approach a wild animal, especially an injured coyote. Question for Garibaldi students: How do you think that the coyote got injured?


Map of garden

This map is not to scale but does show the location of the school beds.  There is a bed for each class in the regular K-4 program and one for the Home Learners’ program.  There is also a shared vegetable garden bed, raspberry patch and a strawberry patch.  The last three beds are enthusiastically tended by the Garden Club sponsored by Ms. Froese.

VSB Garden Policy

Click on the VSB Garden Policy link for the current guidelines for food gardens.   The updates I mentioned at PAC have been sent back for revisions.  Apparently the VSB will build the the raised beds but we are also allowed to build them on our own.  I’m investigating whether treated lumber is to be avoided. 

A number of people are expressing interest in our Spring Manure Sale.  If we have a flyer, I can post it on this site and send it out when requested.

The snow arrived before we got the iris bulbs from Arianna and Angus in the ground. I wonder if they’ll still grow if we plant them after the snow thaws?????