A place for kids to play on the porch, while tools are stored safely inside.

If you haven’t wandered over to take a look at Garibaldi’s now completed new garden shed, please drop on by. You will want to join the list of neighbours wondering if our builders are available for hire! It’s truly a professional job. We all want to thank our builders, all Garibaldi dad’s, who took the shed from the frame (completed last August) to final completion.  Three cheers for Alastair Bird, Cameron Dustin and Morten Eisenhardt!

It was this year’s Parent Advisory Committee, co-chaired by Hal Milne and Jen Gunasekera, who ensured it all got done. More big thanks to the PAC and the fundraising team!

Volunteer building projects, coordinated by volunteers, always have a long history. We thanked all the volunteers of the first round last summer here but thanks again for contributing your knowledge and skill to designing, planning, site preparation and framing.  It was a $400 Small Neighbourhood Grant via the Vancouver Foundation that paid for the first round of supplies and a community work party. A special mention again to Terry Bishop, who built a relationship with Rona for the final round of building.  Rona gave us a very generous 25% discount on the  building supplies. Thanks Terry! and thanks Rona!

We look forward to stocking the shed with tools as we grow our neighbourhood garden.

We see future lemonade stands!