Last year a group of students dutifully took charge of recycling beverage containers from lunch. We made an arrangement for someone to pick up the containers and split the proceeds with us.

Yesterday I took the containers to the East Van Bottle Depot at 2605 Kaslo Street. I was hoping to set up an account and have anyone willing to drop off their beverage containers there and credit our account. This was not possible but I did $21.65 for juice boxes, aluminum cans, drink pouches and plastic containers. It is definitely worth it for us to return the containers and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This year students will continue to collect containers. They will also be responsible for separating the containers, counting 360 juice boxes per bag (supplied by the bottle depot) and putting them by the engineers room in the basement. I am hoping to get a volunteer to regularly take the bottles to the depot and submit the receipt and money to the office. Any takers?