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All of the K-4 students met in the Garibaldi Garden to set the butterflies free! As each butterfly flew out the top of the “zoo”, they were greeted with cheers. Very cool! Thanks so much to Jana, Maya and Julian’s mom, for her help with this special project!


Garden Proposal Feb 2012

February 9, 2012
Garibaldi Annex School Community Garden Proposal for Development
Background Information:
• The Garibaldi Annex school garden was planned, built and officially opened with a beautiful community ceremony in the Spring of 2009. Since then it has steadily taken on more importance in the school life, as students learn about gardening and have developed their observational skills. The garden is currently a mixture of vegetable and herb beds. One garden bed is assigned to each division but only three of them are currently raised beds. Annual and perennial flowers decorate the perimeter of the garden itself. We also have a small apple and butternut walnut tree in the garden. In 2011, a large animal-proof composter and a tool shed were added to the garden. In the fall of 2011, the students were able to enjoy a “stone soup” made from the produce grown by the Garibaldi Garden Club. This springs, student designed signs will be installed to facilitate garden tours. For additional information, visit the Garibaldi Garden blog at

Plan: To build four additional raised beds. See plan below.
Our plan is to decrease foot traffic through the growing areas and also to make gardening more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. To build the four raised beds (see the sketch below for dimensions and locations), we will need about 150 ft of fir 2”x 12”planks at a cost of $1/foot. Estimated 4 hours of labour will be needed to cut and screw the beds together. The wood will then be treated with Cedar Shield oil to preserve it and increase its life-span. Cost is $200/5gallons. Left-overs can be used for treating our tool shed and composter.
The beds will be filled with soil immediately to make them immovable.
Cost of Materials and Labour: To be fundraised by the Garibaldi PAC / Small Neighbourhood Grant
Our second organic manure sale is scheduled for the weekend of Feb. 25th / 26th, 2012.
The plan is to have the raised beds built and treated by that date so that the raised beds can be filled with compost, manure and soil. We are hoping for an early approval date to make this happen.


VSB Garden Policy

Click on the VSB Garden Policy link for the current guidelines for food gardens.   The updates I mentioned at PAC have been sent back for revisions.  Apparently the VSB will build the the raised beds but we are also allowed to build them on our own.  I’m investigating whether treated lumber is to be avoided. 

A number of people are expressing interest in our Spring Manure Sale.  If we have a flyer, I can post it on this site and send it out when requested.

Last year a group of students dutifully took charge of recycling beverage containers from lunch. We made an arrangement for someone to pick up the containers and split the proceeds with us.

Yesterday I took the containers to the East Van Bottle Depot at 2605 Kaslo Street. I was hoping to set up an account and have anyone willing to drop off their beverage containers there and credit our account. This was not possible but I did $21.65 for juice boxes, aluminum cans, drink pouches and plastic containers. It is definitely worth it for us to return the containers and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This year students will continue to collect containers. They will also be responsible for separating the containers, counting 360 juice boxes per bag (supplied by the bottle depot) and putting them by the engineers room in the basement. I am hoping to get a volunteer to regularly take the bottles to the depot and submit the receipt and money to the office. Any takers?

The thorny branches from the raspberry bushes are difficult to compost.  They are bundled on top of the Stone Soup Garden.  If anyone has space in their Green Bin, could you help us clear away the heap.

Much appreciated!

A few years ago, some stepping stones were created by some students in Garibaldi to be put out in the garden. The grounds people no longer are able to fit this work into their busy days. If anyone is wanting to take on this project, the stones have been moved into the shed.

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