October 2011

Harry's business plan

Hello everyone. My name is Harry and on Friday I went to an event called Table Matters that was about ways to grow and share food with with everyone on the North Shore.

I did a rough sketch about a compost project and once I looked at it I jumped 10000000 meters in the air!!!!!!!! (it was kinda hard to breathe.) It was a piece of genius!!! A piece of art!!!

I’ll explain how it works:

First you get a volunteer to find some worms (bigger is better!!!) and put them in a bike cart, and then go around collecting food scraps. Then the worms transform the food scraps into compost. When there is a good amount of compost you can go into town and sell it to gardeners!

The only thing that could go wrong is the city (for many reasons, like political problems or laws.) This could go 🙂 or 😦

What do you think? Remember to comment!

P.S. First 5 commenters (from Garibaldi School) will get a pack of sunflower seeds.

P.P.S. (this is my mom) Thank-you to Harmony Garden on the Capilano Reserve for the seeds. The Harmony Garden is growing food and medicine to promote healthy living. The gardeners are also working to restore the estuary because gardens need healthy wild places to thrive.


Last year a group of students dutifully took charge of recycling beverage containers from lunch. We made an arrangement for someone to pick up the containers and split the proceeds with us.

Yesterday I took the containers to the East Van Bottle Depot at 2605 Kaslo Street. I was hoping to set up an account and have anyone willing to drop off their beverage containers there and credit our account. This was not possible but I did $21.65 for juice boxes, aluminum cans, drink pouches and plastic containers. It is definitely worth it for us to return the containers and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This year students will continue to collect containers. They will also be responsible for separating the containers, counting 360 juice boxes per bag (supplied by the bottle depot) and putting them by the engineers room in the basement. I am hoping to get a volunteer to regularly take the bottles to the depot and submit the receipt and money to the office. Any takers?

Check out http://www.wholekidsfoundation.org/gardengrants-application.php

We can apply with a project for an existing garden.  We need to have a clear goal, support of a community partner, student engagement, and a plan to sustain the garden over multiple years. 

Please comment with your ideas.  We would need to submit the proposal before Winter Vacation and winners would be announced Feb. 2012


The thorny branches from the raspberry bushes are difficult to compost.  They are bundled on top of the Stone Soup Garden.  If anyone has space in their Green Bin, could you help us clear away the heap.

Much appreciated!

Thanks to the parents and students working hard in the garden this weekend.  The raspberry bushes have been trimmed right back and we have three small paths that were created by young students willing to take on the thorny branches to reach the best berries!  Amazingly enough, we still have berries!  I’m thinking this might be a great use of the paving stones made by previous students.  It would be great to have a permanent path.

The last of the tiny carrots have been harvested.  Much of the other foliage has been composted.  For the most part, our giant worm population has free reign of the gardens.  Yes, I mean giant in terms of size and quantity!

Keira suggested a leaf drive to put over the beds for winter.  If anyone has extra rakes, we could use them.  We’re just waiting for the leaves to fall in the neighbourhood.  They are taking their time this year!  Kris has a theory that there just hasn’t been enough wind.  The garden provides so many good opportunities to ask good questions and go after finding the answers.  We’ll look forward to your answer, Kris!

Our butternut tree is in trouble.  I suspect that Lyra’s dad is correct that the soil base is too small to sustain the tree.  Any ideas about relocation or what we should do with this tree.  It looks to me like it’s dying,

A few years ago, some stepping stones were created by some students in Garibaldi to be put out in the garden. The grounds people no longer are able to fit this work into their busy days. If anyone is wanting to take on this project, the stones have been moved into the shed.

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