Student entry

Arianna’s Mom donated bulbs to Garibaldi School. We were suppose to plant them before the first frost. We didn’t get them in the ground on time. We planted them in our class garden and the fence by the parking lot. We are hoping they grow. We know they might not. grow. We saw LOTS of worms. They are very healthy and some are HUGE. We also saw centipedes and things we call “rolly pollies”. Please don’t pull out the bulbs. There are still some bulbs left if someone else want to plant more.
by Jesse, Annie, Cris and Natalie


We covered all of the donated pumpkins with leaves and soil so they would decompose right in the ground. The pumpkin seeds will grow into pumpkins next year. We hid the pumpkins in a black composter too and covered them with leaves so pumpkin smashers wouldn’t find them.

Do you know how big the world’s largest pumpkin is? Answer in the comment section.

I found a small worm today. Justin found a long, fat worm! There are lots of worms in the Garibaldi Garden. They are going to decompose the broken up pumpkins, the leaves and other types of organic things like fruits and vegetables in the soil.

What’s the most famous city in all of Wormville?
Put your answer in the comment section.

Today I made a bird feeder.  The birds were flocking together and telling each other about it.  I bet they had a lot of fun!  Guess what it was made out of.  Hint:  What is a bird’s favorite movie?  Put your answers in the comment!

Today we raked up leaves. We went into the garden and we did some work. Earlier at recess time, I raked up two small piles, and other kids used them to cover pumpkins in our school garden. When I raked up leaves at recess time this morning, how much time do you think it took me to rake up the leaves? Answer in the comment.

Harry's business plan

Hello everyone. My name is Harry and on Friday I went to an event called Table Matters that was about ways to grow and share food with with everyone on the North Shore.

I did a rough sketch about a compost project and once I looked at it I jumped 10000000 meters in the air!!!!!!!! (it was kinda hard to breathe.) It was a piece of genius!!! A piece of art!!!

I’ll explain how it works:

First you get a volunteer to find some worms (bigger is better!!!) and put them in a bike cart, and then go around collecting food scraps. Then the worms transform the food scraps into compost. When there is a good amount of compost you can go into town and sell it to gardeners!

The only thing that could go wrong is the city (for many reasons, like political problems or laws.) This could go 🙂 or 😦

What do you think? Remember to comment!

P.S. First 5 commenters (from Garibaldi School) will get a pack of sunflower seeds.

P.P.S. (this is my mom) Thank-you to Harmony Garden on the Capilano Reserve for the seeds. The Harmony Garden is growing food and medicine to promote healthy living. The gardeners are also working to restore the estuary because gardens need healthy wild places to thrive.