• Last year we were the proud recipients of a Small Neighbourhood Grant of $400.00. Students selected part of the garden that they were interested in learning about and started an observational study. This was followed up with research and the process of drafting, editing and proofreading their work. The goal was to create signs to facilitate Garibaldi Garden Tours. Our Gr. 4 students, Javin, Michael and Jayson took a leadership role in planning the signs that would be required.  We hired a student to publish the signs using photoshop. These signs were completed by the end of June.

The next decision was when the perfect time to unveil the signs would be. We decided that the harvest of the Stone Soup Garden would be a good time. However by then, many of the signs would no longer be accompanied by the plant.

Our latest and greatest plan is to put the signs in the ground for Spring. Then students will be able to read the signs and start giving tours. People in the neighbourhood will also be able to give themselves self directed Garibaldi Garden Tours in the evening.  Take a look through the Garibaldi Garden blog to find the signs created during the 2010-2011 school year.