Thanks to the parents and students working hard in the garden this weekend.  The raspberry bushes have been trimmed right back and we have three small paths that were created by young students willing to take on the thorny branches to reach the best berries!  Amazingly enough, we still have berries!  I’m thinking this might be a great use of the paving stones made by previous students.  It would be great to have a permanent path.

The last of the tiny carrots have been harvested.  Much of the other foliage has been composted.  For the most part, our giant worm population has free reign of the gardens.  Yes, I mean giant in terms of size and quantity!

Keira suggested a leaf drive to put over the beds for winter.  If anyone has extra rakes, we could use them.  We’re just waiting for the leaves to fall in the neighbourhood.  They are taking their time this year!  Kris has a theory that there just hasn’t been enough wind.  The garden provides so many good opportunities to ask good questions and go after finding the answers.  We’ll look forward to your answer, Kris!