To Mr. Scott’s dismay, LOTS of Garibaldi students have been trekking out to the garden and trekking LOTS of dirt back into the school despite our attempts at stomping. It would be great to send little garden lovers to school with boots so we could leave them out in the back hall.

it has been great to have so many students flocking to the garden to harvest the last of the vegetables and get the garden beds ready for bulb planting. Most of the vegetables went into our Stone Soup but you are welcome to help yourself to the rest sitting on the round table. The Garibaldi Garden Club dug up Stone Soup bed, Ms. Moino’s garden bed and Ms. Uzelac’s class bed. Ms. Liguori, Ms. Lo, Shannon and Julianna will be digging up their own garden beds with their classes. Teachers and students are excited about the prospect of planting bulbs for Spring.