The city sings with summer. Ecstatic flowers sting the air with perfume.
Sun hats, bare legs, watermelon seeds scatter and the kids are already
clambouring for beach time.
It was a long winter, complete with snow. April arrived with a farewell sprinkling of white.
So when May opened up with it’s characteristic warmth, we rejoiced duly!
And now the optimism required while sowing peas in March pays off.
Beans and peas shimmy up trellises and fences. Tomatoes perk with yellow flowers;
kale waves it’s crooked edged leaves in the June breeze and blossoms of blueberries and raspberries litter the bushes on my wooly, glorious backyard.

In another garden, not so far away, a young butternut tree stands newly planted.
Some young children stood around it,giving it blessings and making wishes.
Come visit this new beauty in our midst.
Share the magic of the Garibaldi Garden.
Bring a book, spread out a picnic blanket.
Listen to the rustling of leaves.
Peek at what is popping up, notice what needs a little care.
Dig a little dirt or give it a drink.